Chuggler Submitted Game:

The game is setup on the corners of the table and teammates stand across the table from each other with a diamond shape cup setup in front of them, and the chuggler setup in the middle of the table. Each team puts b..r into their cups and then one b..r is put into the chuggler. At the start of the game each team begins with one ball. Once the game is started teams shoot at their cups and try to eliminate all eight cups before the other team. The first team to do so then proceeds to shot into the chuggler and the first one to hit ring the chuggler is claimed as the winner of the game and the losers have to finish their drinks and chug from the chuggler. During the game if I knock out all my cups and my partner still has cups remaining I would act as a rebounder until he knocks out everyone of his cups. A team is not allowed to shoot at the chuggler until all eight cups have been made.

Submitted by: Anthony (Tony) U of A



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